Ring with 10 RGB LEDs on 10.8mm Diameter

a vase yay a board is milled yay a board is milled yay a board is milled yay a board is milled


  • 10.01.2012: Having a working Software to control a very basic function of the Ring Youtube Video
  • 14.01.2012: Having a even more nicer Software to control every single LED of the Ring! Youtube Video
  • 16.01.2012: Soldered a SD Card for testing to the Board, nothing special up today, fighting with the SD Lib

Next Steps

  • Create and Store Animations


Because I have made some nice vases with a engraving on it (made with the Metalab Lazzzor), and these vases looks very nice when flooded by light.

Planned features:

  • Powered by USB or USB Like Device (5V) using normal LF33CV - if you need all LEDs, you need a good power supply
  • 10 seperate controllable RGB LEDs
  • controlable over USB via HID or programmable as mass storage device
  • flashable over USB (e.g. for new Animations)
  • SD Card for saving animations in EmbedVM format

Features for a next release

  • Powered by USB or USB Like Device (5V) using buck regulator (so 600mA (@3.3V) can be used from 500mA (@5V) USB)
  • SD Card Feature seems to be really nice
  • MicroUSB Port, not MiniUSB because of the EU Regulation every Cellphone has it now, so it can be powered from a Cellphone Powersupply


See our git repo at: GitHub: rgb_ring Also check out this ControllApp: GitHub: rgb_ring_controller

The cool stuff

  • Found out that our CNC Mill at Metalab can now mill HTSSOP! And its even solderable by hand on the milled PCB

yay a board is milled


Beim Fräsen der Platine

RGB Ring Beta in Action

RGB Ring Beta Teardown

RGB Ring Beta Case