Ethernet Shield

Ethershield with USBBB Ethershield Backside

I implemented a Ethernet Shield for Breadboards, like usbbb, which runs with ENC28J60


Here you can find the PCB Schematics and Board:

Attention: these Board and Schematics files may not work, because I messed up with the RJ45 MagJack. (See below) One Problem is that i want to use isolation milling all the time, so also this board was milled. but this is sometimes quite problematic, e.g. the RJ45 is really difficult to connect, if i would use other techniques to create my PCB, i would'nt have that much problems with the PCB.

Links that might be helpful:


Every MagJack is different! The pinout is specific to every Connector, so please read the datasheet and make shure you use the right one!


Exported with Eagle - Most of the parts are SMD, all the resistors which are not SMD, are also soldered as SMD, because normal does not look good :)

My ethershield is currently working without the ferrit but it is considered to do so. Also a very good way to get 25MHz Quarzes is to solder one out of an old network card. Even mainboards with internal ethernet got one on them (i got mine from such a thing).

Part     Value          Device       Package      Library
C1       18pF           C-EUC1206    C1206        rcl
C2       18pF           C-EUC1206    C1206        rcl
C3       10µF           C050-030X075 C050-030X075 mp_passive
C4       100nF          C-EUC1206    C1206        rcl
C5       100nF          C-EUC1206    C1206        rcl
JP1                     PINHD-1X2    1X02         mpc_pinhead
JP2                     PINHD-1X2    1X02         mpc_pinhead
L1                      L-EUL1812    L1812        rcl
LED1                    LED3MM       LED3MM       led
Q1       25MHz          XTAL/S       QS           special
R1       2K             R-EU_0204/2V 0204V        rcl
R2       200R           R-EU_M0805   M0805        rcl
R3       10K            R-EU_M0805   M0805        rcl
R5       10K            R-EU_M0805   M0805        rcl
R6       200R           R0309/V      0309V        mp_passive
R7       200R           R0309/V      0309V        mp_passive
R8       50R            R-EU_M0805   M0805        rcl
R9       50R            R-EU_M0805   M0805        rcl
R10      50R            R-EU_M0805   M0805        rcl
R11      50R            R-EU_M0805   M0805        rcl
SV1                     MA05-1       MA05-1       con-lstb
U$1      MAGJACK        MAGJACK      MAGJACK      magjacksmalldrill
U1       ENC28J60-DIL   ENC28J60-DIL DIL28-3      enc28j60