We build a USBScope from this Website: Dual Trace Scope

Notes on Building

We found out that 3,6V Zener Diodes will not work. The USB Datapegel is too low then. If your ATTiny45 works with e.g. usbbb but not on your Board (the LED is on for a second and then off, you get Read Descriptor Failed Errors on PC, ...) you might try a 3,3V Zener Diode!

Host Side Software

We are currently developing a new Hostside Software, because the C# Software which is downloadable on the Website will not run with Mono (Hid Devices are not supported yet).

Sample Device Test Class:

# This Programm will just echo the data which is send from device
# You will get an Array of 5 Items:
# [Value of Port A shifted by 8, Value of Port A, Value of Port B shifted by 8, Value of Port B, 1]
import sys
import usb.core
import usb.util

VENDOR_ID = 0x4242
PRODUCT_ID = 0x0002

device = usb.core.find(idVendor=VENDOR_ID, idProduct=PRODUCT_ID)

if device is None:
    sys.exit("Could not find Easylogger") 
if device.is_kernel_driver_active(0):
    except usb.core.USBError as e:
        sys.exit("Could not detatch kernel driver: %s" % str(e))
except usb.core.USBError as e:
    sys.exit("Could not set configuration: %s" % str(e))

endpoint = device[0][(0,0)][0]

data = []

while 1:
        data =, endpoint.wMaxPacketSize)
        print data
    except usb.core.USBError as e:
        print e

Tested with pyusb-1.0 and python2.6


Assembly complete, top view Assembly complete, bottom view

pluged into breadboard Blue!