About Me

Sebastian Bachmann aka reox

As you might have found out I'm interested in biomechanics, electronics, information technology, coffee, bicycling, mechanical engineering, photograhy and many other things.


  • Bachmann S, Dunmore CJ, Skinner MM, Pahr DH, Synek A. A computational framework for canonical holistic morphometric analysis of trabecular bone. Scientific Reports 12: 5187, 2022. doi:10.1038/s41598-022-09063-6
  • Bachmann S. Age, sex and treatment related changes of bone mineral density based on CT data. Technische Universität Wien, Institut für Leichtbau und Struktur-Biomechanik: 2018. doi:10.34726/hss.2018.54380 (Please see also this erratum because Table 3.2 is not correct in the original work.)
  • Bachmann S. NFC Tags in der Notfallmedizin. Technische Universität Wien, Institut für Rechnergestützte Automation: 2013. PDF Download


  • Bachmann S, Pahr DH, Synek A. Inverse bone remodeling allows for prediction of physiological peak joint loads using clinically feasible homogenized finite element models. In: Joint KMM-VIN / ViCEM / ESB cross-disciplinary workshop on biomedical and bioinspired materials and structures. 2022.
  • Bachmann S, Pahr DH, Synek A. Homogenized-FE-based inverse bone remodeling: Modified optimization criterion and evaluation on the distal radius. In: 27th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics. 2022.
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  • Bachmann S. Bist du noch ganz dicht?. In: Science Slam Vienna. 2019. Recording
  • Elias T, Bachmann S. How We Hacked Online Banking Malware. In: BSides 0x7de Vienna. 2014. PDF Download


  • Bachmann S, Dunmore CJ, Skinner MM, Pahr DH, Synek A. Vom Affen abgeschaut. In: Brennpunkt WissKomm: Tagung zur Wissenschaftskommunikation in Österreich. 2022.

Curriculum Vitæ

In order of starting date:

  • 11.2019 - today: Project Assistant for Computational Biomechanics at ILSB (TU Wien)
  • 10.2014 - 10.2018: studying Biomedical Engineering (Master) at TU Wien. finished as Master of Science
  • 10.2013 - not finished: studying Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor) at TU Wien
  • 02.2012 - 11.2019: IKARUS Software Security GmbH, Android Malware Analyst and Researcher
  • 10.2009 - 11.2013: studied Medical Information Technologie (Bachelor) at TU Wien. finished as Bachelor of Science
  • 07.2009 - 09.2011: BOSCH AG, Local IT services, Assistant in quality management
  • 10.2004 - 06.2009: studied EDV & Netzwerktechnik at SZU. finished with Matura


Contact me using: hello [at no spam please] reox [dot] at

I have a GPG Key:

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