Some time ago, I already did some lizard drawing, but the files got lost somehow... (I think there are somewhere but I was not able to find them quickly. But why not redraw it? There is this really neat page, where all the details are explained:[2008-04-18]_MC_Escher_lizard_vector_art.shtml

And there is even an SVG, but the only thing wrong with this (for me) was, that the lizard is slightly rotated. I'd liked to tile them (as you can see now in the background).

So with some cloned lines and some rotation, you can get there as well. Here is my file (including the original) with some explaination.

Download the SVG: lizard.svg

There is one downside with the tiling in inkscape: Specifing it by the percentage is not exact. If you tile a whole area, the edges will not be over each other but slightly offseted. The best way (in my opinion) is to tile some by hand (it isn't that hard with the snap to nodes feature) and then create a rectangular tile. This can be easily tiled: