I used very cheap leather tabs for shooting recurve bow. I think the biggest disadvantage of them is the hole where your middle finger should fit through. It bends around the finger and the tab likes to entangle itself, thus will constantly try to avoid laying onto your fingers. Someone of our club suggested other finger tabs, which have a small strap attached to them, which is worn like a ring. I think the majority of finger tabs uses this technique, but they are sometimes quite expensive - especially if you want them with special abilities like a chin rest or adjustable plates.

In our club I saw one guy with a felt tab - I'm not sure where he got this from because I can not find a single shop selling those... He said that he finds the felt type the most comfortable to use. So I thought, I would give felt a try!

From a recent project, I had some 3mm felt with 0.36 density. I cut off a rectangular piece about 70 by 60 mm and reused the finger separator from my old tab.

Then I cut a small strap of leather and sewed it on one end to the felt. I figured out, that a small hole is already sufficient, but it will probably loosen itself over time.

The other end I just put through the same hole as the separator.

I also cut a larger slot between index and middle finger and just a single cut between middle and ring finger. I think this gives you a little bit more flexibility, but you might decide to leave it as it is.

Today I tried the tab and I in my oppinion it works great. You can feel the bowstring much better - which might be painful to you (I think it is just right).

When you make your own, here is a good advice: You probably want to cut the tab to size directly at the shooting range. Never cut off large pieces, as your fingers are very sensitive already for small pieces! So what you feel might might be a huge chunk of material but in reality it is just a milimetre. I made this mistake when cutting to length my old tab. I thought that I would need to remove much material which wasnt the case.

For the future, I might create a new one with a aluminium plate attached. You should also think about a better mechanism to hold the strap, because it will loosen over time. I think the easiest way would be to create small metal plate, which secures the leather strap.