I used to have a Razor Copperhead since several years now. Already some years ago, the mouse buttons got not so responsive anymore and I found that a little drop of superglue on the plastic lever that actuates the switch helped a lot.

But since a few months I had problems with the back button. It would trigger not once but several times, like an unbounced switch. Probably the switch failed internaly, as a visual inspection showed no dirt on the switch...

As fate had it, I found a (very dirty) Razor Copperhead in the dumpster and took it home. All the plastic casing was immediatly thrown away, as it was super nasty... But the electronics was still fine, and a short test showed it had just a broken USB Cable (just as my mouse, until I repaired it) and was probably thrown in the dumpster for that reason.

The Copperhead has a separate PCB, on which the four side switches are mounted. I thought I could just replace this board and keep the rest of the mouse... The PCB's are identical, they even have the same revision!

The one on the left is my board, the one on the right the dumpster one. The fiber light channel was broken on that one, so I removed it.

So I thought they are the same, until I tried to plug them in... Take a look at my main PCB (it has Revision 3.3):

(yes, the solderwork on the cable is not the best... but it works)

Now take a look at the dumpster board:

They changed the pins from male to female! oO Why???

So, I also replaced the main PCB to use the old switch PCB... Everything works fine, but I have now a blue scrollwheel and a green Razor logo, but who cares... Also the light around the mouse is broken, but the rubber there is already very nasty and breaks down anyways (Unfortunately there are no replacements for that).

Next time a switch fails, I need to use the soldering iron...

By the way, what is really interesting is, that the sound of the switches is different in the revision 3.1. The switches sound not so sharp as the one in the 3.3 version. But maybe they are just older and more used?