After a capuccino spill over a Hario VSTM-2000 scale, the timer was frozen and the buttons would not work anymore.

Also plugging in the USB would not work, the scale charged but did not reset. As the batteries are not removeable (at least not easily), I opened up the scale.

First you need to remove the rubber feet and remove the screws. There are also two more screews in the middle:

Now you open up the small lid, which has two more screews under it:

If you remove those two, the whole scale should come apart. You could have removed the scale plate before (I did not knew it was removeable), then it is much easier to separate the two halfes.

Here are a few impressions. First of all the load cell with it's four wire measurement:

Now the display and button module:

The USB charging module:

and the battery:

To reset the scale, I shorted the battery for a very short amount of time. It was enough to have the microcontroller reboot. I also cleaned the scale, as it had some milk in it. After that you can put everything back together. Make sure not to pinch the wires.