I really had troubles playing DVD and BluRay with kodi-standalone using Debian. My first thoughts were the stupid CSS and AACS encryption, but it seemed that the required packages were correctly installed.

The next thing to check is regionset, but the device was correctly set to region 2 (in my case).

Now I checked the logs and got errors like:

May 27 18:54:04 medic xinit[498]: libdvdread: Error cracking CSS key for /VIDEO_TS/VTS_09_1.VOB (0x003ba634)!!

and the DVD would not play.

In some forum I found the hint, that debian-multimedia packages can cause problems with CSS! And yes, I had some packages from debian-multimedia still installed, at first the package libavcodec57, which seems to cause the problem. I purged all debian-multimedia packages from my system and reinstalled them from the main debian repository and surprise surprise: DVDs are working now!

The problem seems to be, that the version of libdvdcss from debian can not work with the libavcodec from debian-multimedia. As I did not know at the time of setting up the system, that all required packages for dvd playback are already in debian, I used the debian-multimedia repositories, but removed them from the sources.list some time ago and replaced some packages. It would been better, if I had removed all packages back then.

Still the problem with the BluRays... I would use makemkv to play them but I would like it more to play them directly from kodi. Here is the issue: Kodi will play BluRays if and only if, the disc is mounted somewhere!

Now, change /etc/fstab to something like

/dev/sr0 /media/cdrom0 auto defaults,nofail,noatime,auto 0 2

And the disc will be mounted immediatly after inserting.

I can now play BluRays perfectly fine!

Just so you can check, you need the following packages installed:

You also need to install the KEYDB.cfg file in ~/.config/aacs.