On a Lenovo Thinkpad X301, I once set the supervisor BIOS password. Now i wanted to change things in the BIOS but everything is locked... I tried to remove the Supervisor password but no luck - the options for that were greyed out as well. After searching in the manuals and watching youtube tutorials, i was thinking that the supervisor password is like a one way to hell: once you set it, you can only reset it by swapping the board. But thats not true. The problem is just that it is quite unclear what you should do, if you know the password!

The Solution is simple:

  • Power on the Thinkpad
  • If you see the Bootscreen, press F1 (Go into BIOS)
  • Now you get the Password Field. If you enter here your Boot Password, you will go to BIOS but with locked Features.
  • So enter the Supervisor Password now!
  • Magiacally you can disable it!

Maybe I'm just overread this in the Maintainance Manual but i think this is the way to go!